EXO : WOLF 88 [NICKNAMES] Shirts now up in the store!

Note**: All of the tees have the WOLF 88 design on the back

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{Link to Store}

Free shipping today, on ALL orders, no minimum!

To claim this, please use the code TDAY2013 at checkout! 


**FREE SHIPPING** On June 21st, 2013! 

On June 21st, there will be free shipping on all orders, no minimum order value!

To claim this offer on the 21st, please use the coupon code TDAY2013 !

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EXO XOXO Album Tracklist Tees are now up in the store!

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Various tees up in the store now~! ♥

  • Beast - Midnight Sun Album Logo 
  • EXO - We Are One/Names 
  • Infinite - INFINITIZE Album Logo
  • EXO - Power Symbols
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